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Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon

Title: “Taming Lady Lydia”
Category: Regency spanking romanceCover: Attached separately
Publisher: Stormy Night Publications
Release date: 8th, September, 2017
Hash tags: #EroticRomance #RegencyRomance #SpankingRomance #BDSMRomance
163,000 words HEA/Suspenseful endingTag line: A Regency Lady requires a firm hand…
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 Author comments on book: Taming Lady Lydia is the most sensual and potent romance I have ever penned. Lord Markham is the Regency hero I always fantasised about... He’s a strict authoritarian with a loving, tender heart.
Publisher synopsis:When eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia Franklin becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after her father’s death, she quickly discovers that the wealthy, handsome gentleman believes in strict discipline for wayward young women. Her penchant for naughtiness soon earns her a sound spanking, but despite his willingness to punish her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Thomas’ firm-handed correction leaves Lydia helplessly aroused. Though he is charged with ensuring that Lydia’s innocence is preserved, Thomas cannot help but notice her body’s response to his stern chastisement. It isn’t long before she is lying naked across his lap as she is spanked thoroughly and then brought to a blushing climax, and over the coming days he sets about teaching her what it means to surrender herself completely to a dominant man. Being taken in Thomas’ arms proves more pleasurable than Lydia ever dreamed, and she finds herself imagining a future as his wife rather than his ward, but the dark rumors about his past are hard to ignore. When he asks for her hand she agrees to be his bride, but once the wedding is over will the bond between them hold firm or will it all end in scandal and heartbreak? Publisher’s Note: Taming Lady Lydia includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. 

Author synopsis:When her father, Earl Franklin dies unexpectedly, eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia is sent to live with her guardian, the unknown and enigmatic Lord Thomas Markham. Initially eager to leave her new home, Lydia is indignant at her guardian’s firm and protective behaviour, but everything changes that first night when she accidentally discovers something shocking about life at Markham Hall…Now, in spite of his rules and expectations, the young and indulged Lydia finds herself inexplicably drawn to her guardian. Lord Markham it seems, is a gentleman who will finally provide the firm hand she has always needed, and Lydia begins to crave his discipline, desiring him to take her over his knee and deliver a sound spanking.With their affections for one another growing, Thomas and Lydia seem set for a bright future if only events would stop conspiring to tarnish their happiness. Can their burgeoning romance survive the scrutiny of Thomas’ mother, the Countess, and the interference of their peers? And can Lydia learn to live by Her Lordship’s governance, and find the happily ever after they so desire?

Teasers:He looks at me, his face burning with intent. “Know this Lydia,” he says in an even tone. “I have grown immensely fond of you these last days. I will care for you, look after your needs, and be here for you, but whenever you choose to overstep the line, I will punish you.”***“I do so enjoy the sound of my name on those lips,” he says, eyeing my mouth intently.My lips part at the statement, as though his eyes have commanded them to do so.***“My Lord, I do not know what you have done to me, but ever since we met, I have been captured.”*** 

Excerpts:A glimpse of the dominant Lord.“Indeed,” he says. “But what to you deserve, Lady Lydia, for the disrespect and disobedience that you have shown me?”Our eyes reconnect in a heartbeat, mine wide as he considers his own question. Can he really mean to punish me for what had transpired last night? The thought provokes the old insolence in me, and yet there is something else – that other feeling – the one which had pooled between my thighs when he had taken Lucy over his knee.“I know not, My Lord,” I reply even as my face flushes in front of him.“Then let me tell you, My Lady. As my ward you have no say on my verdict,” he says, his voice still soft, but brimming with quiet authority. “You are mine now, and it is my role to guide you and provide you with the correct moral framework. As such I shall decide upon your penance.”I clench the muscles deep within me as his words resonate around my head. “Yes, My Lord,” I say in a small, hushed voice, and for the first time in my life I take solace in this act of subservience. Lord Markham seems like a man who may be worthy to take control of me. Until now I believe I had not met a single one.The threat of a spanking (minimal adult content.)His voice is low and steely, making me uneasy. “I thought I had only recently delivered a lesson in respect, and yet now I find it may need teaching again.”The knot of excited anxiety in me twists, knowing full well what he means, and yet refusing to acknowledge it. “There is nothing further to learn, My Lord,” I say hopefully. “I meant no offence by it!”“And yet offence was taken?” he replies, staring at me severely.“For that I am sorry,” I reply, in a little more than a whimper.He nods, a small smile forming on those lips. “I suspect you will be,” he answers. “Once you have been taken over my knee again.”My heart is raging inside of me, and threatens to push up into my throat. “My Lord!” I gasp, “you cannot mean to do so here, in the carriage? What if we are seen? What if the driver, or the footman hears us?”The smile on his face grows. “Then I daresay that you, My Lady, will be rather embarrassed?”My breath is coming in short bursts now, and I am close to panting again. “But, Thomas – what will people think?” I look to the carriage door anxiously, as
though escape is even an option available to me.“Most likely my dear, they will think you are a naughty young woman in need of correction from her guardian, and they would be right, wouldn’t they?” 

The threat of a spanking (II) PG 13 content.“You can either be a good girl, behave and obey my requests…” He pauses, watching my responses carefully. “Or, my love… you can resist me, try me, and be soundly spanked for your trouble. Do you know which you have chosen tonight?”I swallow at the question, my hips raising beneath our entwined bodies as though they choose to answer for me. “I have disobeyed you,” I whisper.He smiles, his brow rising wryly at my comment. “Yes,” he agrees, kissing me chastely on the lips. “And so you will be spanked.”“I am sorry, Thomas,” I whimper, not really sure if I am truly sorry, or whether I just enjoy playing the heroine to his bondage scene.He is already moving down my body as he replies. “Thank you, my love,” he replies, and there is genuine warmth in his tone. “But you know the rules. You are to be punished and then you will be pleasured.” 

Spanking (adult content.)

The depth of the authority in his voice stirs me, sending energy coursing around my body. It pools at the apex of my legs, causing delicious tingles there. “I am sorry to have pressed the point,” I say, and I mean it, although I cannot help but wonder if it is his discipline which I really crave and have missed this last week.
I swear he senses the answer as he reaches for me. He sinks the fingers of his right hand into my hair and draws my body toward him. “Lydia,” he says, his voice almost a low growl. “Are you being intentionally disrespectful, I wonder?”
A silent gasp leaves my mouth as I look upon him.
“Oh, so you are…” he says with a knowing smile. “That is what this is about…”
I flush, knowing that there is little point denying what we both already know to be true. I glance up to him, my eyes imploring the messages I long to say. He pulls me closer, pressing my head against his warm chest. “Have you missed me, my love?” His voice is a deep murmur into my right ear.
“Yes…” I just about manage.
“And so you have chosen to be intentionally disobedient, to garner my attention?”
I shift my head, looking wildly into his face. “It is not my intention, My Lord,” I whimper.
“Oh, really, little one?” he asks, as that brow arches once again. “I think that is an untruth. I think you did intend to disobey me, and I think you did so because you have missed my discipline. Am I correct?”
I am trembling as I reply, utterly startled by his ability to read me. “Perhaps, yes, My Lord, but I did not want for you to be angry with me.”
He smiles. “Lydia,” he coos. “I am not angry. But you and I both know what happens to naughty, disobedient young ladies, don’t we?”
My mouth parts reflexively. “Will you spank me?” I whimper.
“Yes,” he says, pulling me toward him as he reseats himself. “I realise that I have been remiss in my duties to you, and for that I apologise. I intend to make amends right this moment.”
In an instant he pulls me forward and down toward his lap. “But, My Lord!” I exclaim as I lurch headfirst over his breeches. “Not here, Thomas! What if somebody finds us?”
“We have had this conversation, Lydia,” he says firmly as he hoists me into position, “and I have assured you that I will spank you either with, or without, an audience.”
I gasp, feeling the skirts of my gown, petticoat, and stays dragged up my back, leaving my behind exposed and vulnerable. Almost immediately, his hand lands against my bare skin, the sound resonating around the study. I squeeze my eyes shut, stunned by the escalation of events. I pray silently that none of the staff will hear us and enter the room unexpectedly.
A further four swats are landed on my bottom, and they are hard and intense spanks. I am forced to bear each one, feeling the sting and then warmth they leave after his palm has left. From this angle behind his desk I can see very little, except for the expensive rug at my fingertips.
As the next strike lands, I hear Thomas’ voice from over my head. “Why are you being spanked, Lydia?” he asks.
I notice his voice is calm, but there is just the slight edge of arousal laced there.
“I was disobedient, My Lord,” I reply, my own voice trembling as I do.
“Yes,” he agrees, swatting me hard on the rear again. “You disobeyed me in order to get the attention you require, instead of coming to me and telling me about your needs.”
His hand lands on my behind again. “And for that reason, little one,” he says firmly, “you will receive a sound spanking on your bare bottom, and you will thank me for it.”
I whimper as the next strike lands, catching the pulsating need between my legs. “Yes, My Lord,” I moan from over his lap. “Thank you.”
Five swats land quickly, and instinctively I mean to get up, arching my back as I try to move.
His hand holds me down decisively. “You will stay over my lap, Lydia,” he calls out, and I flinch at the volume, hoping that nobody else will hear him. “You need this punishment, do you not?”
“Yes,” I whine, wincing as the next spank lands.
“Yes, you do,” he says, reaffirming my own thoughts. “So just take it, little one.”
I swallow hard, loathing the way he calls me his little one as he spanks me. The label, of course, helps to reinforce my subservience to him. The onslaught continues, and the stinging sensation is intense. He pushes me on, the utter indignation of the punishment both riling and arousing me. At some point I lose count of the swats, feeling the tension between my legs growing and building. I know I am wet, and I long secretly for Thomas to explore me there.
His palm eventually pauses, pressing itself against the warmth of my bare bottom. “How do you feel now, my love?” His voice is filled with passion.
“Thank you for my spanking, Thomas,” I murmur, unsure what else to say.
I hear him laugh, and slowly, teasingly, his fingers dip between my hot cheeks.
“Well done, my love,” he soothes, as one and then two digits slip against my wetness.
I mewl and groan, loving the intensity of his touch already.
“So wet and beautiful,” he whispers adoringly. “I yearn for our wedding night, Lydia, when I can finally possess you as a man should claim his wife.”


Intimacy (minimal adult content.)“What just transpired between us, Thomas?” I ask, dreamily.He chuckles lightly at my question. “I think you know, my love,” he says, kissing the top of my forehead.“Well, yes,” I admit. “Yet it was more than that, wasn’t it? It felt more…?”“I think each time we love each other it feels a little more?” He offers the explanation whilst leaning on his right elbow, looking down upon me.I consider his words, but find that they do not sufficiently explain the breadth of what I feel. “I think it was the crop…” I confess, burying myself into his chest as the admission leaves my lips.“Yes,” he breaths into my hair. “You did seem to enjoy it more this time?”I sigh, the sound resonating deeply within me. “It is wondrous – and awful – all at the same time?” I risk a glance up to his face, as I offer my account.“I will never deliver more than you can handle,” he promises.I swallow at his sensual expression. “I know,” I whisper.“It seems,” he says, drawing himself down so that we are now eye to eye. “That you are more and more relishing my darkness, Lydia?”“I relish every part of you,” I reply, but then seeing his expression I stop. “Yes, I think you are right,” I affirm.He kisses me once more, the act a sensual connection between us. “The more I push you in that dark direction, the more you respond, my love,” he says, his eyes boring into me.“The more you push me there,” I correct him. “The more you make the mundane seem unpalatable.”The last thing I remember is the sinful look on his face as I slip finally into a satiated slumber.

Author Bio:International bestselling & award winning writer of BDSM, spanking erotic romance.Voted Favourite Historical Fiction, 2016, Golden Flogger Finalist, 2016, and Spanking Romance Review runner-up, 2016.Founding Wicked Pen writer. 

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Cover Reveal Making Our Way Back by Jennah Thornhill



One minute I had my best friend, my only friend in my life.
I got through my shitty existence because of Kane.
He was my everything, my best friend and my saviour at school.
He saved me every day from the school bullies, made living with my Mother so much easier.
Then one day he just disappeared.
No explanation, no goodbye… nothing.
I got on with my life, slowly I mended my broken teenage heart.
Now I’m one of London’s most notorious divorce attorneys, but deep inside I’ve got so much anger and hurt.
Then like a ghost from the grave, Kane shows up needing me.
It’s been thirteen years since I’ve seen him, only now I don’t know if I want to punch him or rip his clothes off.
I still don’t know why he left me when we were fourteen, but I have every intention of finding out.
Even if it breaks me even more.
I have to know, he’s the only boy I’ve ever loved.


I never thought for one minute I would have to leave her behind, but I had to.
It was taken out of my hands.
She thought I just protected her at school, but she has no idea what else I’ve done.
She’s always been in my thoughts from the minute I left her.
I should never be allowed to just sit and think. Because when I do my mind always drifts back in time, to a time when dealing with my druggie Dad was actually simple. With those thoughts come the flashbacks; flashbacks that she's always present in. Her crying in the girls toilets, her laughing and playing on the rope swing I made for us at our spot. She was my happy place. Then I monumentally fucked up and I left her. She has no idea what happened after I left her that day at school crying, I didn’t want her knowing. I know if she did then she would think I was some sort of monster, but what I did, I did it for her.
Everything was always for her.
She is the only girl I’ve ever loved.
I just hope she doesn’t hate me when she finds out, because she will find out.

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Free Chapter Of Italian Playboy by Holly J Gill

*´¨💕) Italian Playboy💕
💕(¸.•´‪ 💕 


Author: Holly Jody Gill Author
Genres: #Romantic #Erotica #BDSM #adult #language #18+ #HollyJGill#Italianplayboy

Can A Playboy Ever Be Tamed?

💕✶ BLURB ✶💕
I’m an arrogant, self-righteous Italian guy who only thinks through one thing… I never see the same woman twice – it’s my rule. I throw the most outrageously wicked and sexy parties for my own satisfaction and relish on women like I do my fine dining. I’m a playboy by day and a playboy by night. They call me the Italian Playboy and I love it! Only, all of that changed one night when a dark haired beauty stepped into one of my sex parties. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I had to have her. But no sooner than my eyes had met her naked body, she was gone. I had to find her. And I wouldn’t stop until I did.

Italian Playboy

      Chapter One

This was the life, sat here on a chair with three ladies – one sucking the tip of my dick, another licking my cock like a lollipop while the other lapped at my balls. Fuck, this was good. My dick was on fire, being looked after by women who had been gagging for me most of the evening.
I rested my head back against the chair and took in their sweet mouth actions, when  suddenly, my bulbous head hit the back of her throat and the base of my dick was pumped hard and fast. I sat forward just watching the act, so pretty, so perfect. I was a lucky fucker. How many men had fantasised about this? And here I was, living the dream.
I placed my hand on the back of the woman’s head who had my shaft in her mouth and forced her to take it to the back of her throat again.
“Oh yeah,” I moaned out.
The blood pumped hard and fast to the tip of my cock as the girl who delightfully sucked on my balls rose to come to my face.
“Share ladies,” I encourage, aware she was after a kiss. But those I didn’t do.
The woman stood beside me and leaned over my tummy to take my dick deep inside her moist mouth. My balls tingled like they were about to explode.
“Oh hell,” I cried out as the girls shared my cock - sucking, licking, and deep throating. You name it, it was happening, and I was one happy man. This was the exact reason why I held these parties. 
I gazed down, loving the way these women indulged and pleased me. My cock was burning, getting closer to the point of no return by the second.
“Oh shit, ladies.”
The three of them quickly positioned themselves on their knees in front of me like little cute puppies, ready and waiting to catch that first spurt. One reached up and pumped my dick. That was it. Out spilled my seed like water out a fucking hosepipe, spraying all over their pretty little faces.
Cock empty and body and mind satisfied, I was ready for a scotch. I turned to look around the room, lights dimmed, naked men and woman all being sexual pleased like myself, paradise.
I looked down to the ladies smiling at me, looking pleased at their conquest as they lap up my cream and dribbles that missed their mouths.
I raised my hand and patted one of the ladies on the head, giving her triumph. They all did so well.
“Thank you…now be gone,” I said, clicking my fingers.
I needed time to calm down and have some space before the next act. Maybe I would find a beauty to sink my dick into later? Hell, my cock needed to be engulfed by a wet pussy. I wagged my brows as the girls departed, skipping away, laughing and giggling like little girls.
I clicked my fingers and in marched my slave for the evening.
“Scotch, no ice.” I ordered, not even looking at her.
I felt her presence leave and I smiled. I loved the power I possessed. Before I started each party I would choose a girl to be at my beckon call for the night. Yeah, so what if she had to watch me having sex? If she did a good job throughout the night then at the end she might get to ride me, but only if I felt she had done me proud.   
Okay, so I’m a guy who likes sex. And a lot of it. I’m not interested in names or ages or ever meeting them again. I prefer to fuck and go. If they can give good head and suck well, I’ll let them have it.
Yeah, I love myself. And yes, I’m an arrogant asshole. I make so many pounds per second. I live in a mansion, have a garage full of sports cars, and can do and go wherever I damn well wish. I spend most of my time with women at my feet begging to have a taste. Begging to give me satisfaction. Do I stop them…that depends.
So, I’m bragging. I love my life. I love everything about it. I drink, smoke, fuck, work, and do whatever I want. I know I have the lifestyle most guys dream about, and their envy only boosts my ego. I’m a lucky bastard and I know it. Oh, did I mention my shitty, argumentative attitude and things have to be done perfectly, even down to making sure my bedsheets are flat, no creases or the maids have their arses kicked. Did I mention I make most people feel uncomfortable due to my overbearing demeanour. But do I care? Do I fuck!
Yep, that’s me, Mr hotshot. Mr talk to the dick it might like you. Crap, I almost forget to mention, I’m Italian. Well better known as The Italian Playboy. My parents are back in Italy, leaving me with Great Grandpapa’s place. Not that I’m complaining.
I sat thinking about Erin wondering why the hell he had entered my thoughts. He’s my best friend and manager who, well, loves me and practically lets me get away with anything.  But there has always been one rule for me when it came to Erin. To stay the hell away from his little sister. I’ve never been allowed within breathing distance of her. Like I would go near her, or dare. Yep, that was one rule I was keeping, but only because I love my balls too much to have them ripped off by Erin. Not that I thought he really would. I pay and spoil him far too much. But just in case, I have stuck to his rule. My family jewels were worth squillions. In fact, my nuts were my prize possessions, the one thing I considered spectacular. They brought me the purest pleasure. So, going near his sister was a no go. Never. Forbidden. And I planned on keeping it that way, not that I had seen her in years.
I recalled Erin’s words last week after he’d found my invites.
“What the fucking hell? No way is this happening. Are you totally losing the plot? I have told you no more parties. This is not happening over my dead body. This place has a reputation to keep and so do you. For goodness sake you’re in the public eye…this is not acceptable, retract it now while you can.”
Erin slammed the invites down on my coffee table watching them all feather out and some land on my wood floor like sprinkles.
“Not happening. Are you trying to give yourself a bad name?”
“It’s a bit of fun, let your hair down and get screwed. It’s cool, chill out. I just need some stimulation,” I joked, sitting back in the chair keen to light up for a smoke.
“You are always thinking about your frigging dick…one of these days you’re going to catch something and when you do…don’t look at me for sympathy.”
“Like I would dare. I use protection and mouth spray.”
“You’re disgusting.”
I sat forward and reached for my whiskey. I needed it if Erin was about to give me another ear bashing.
Eyes wide open and cowboy boots resting on the coffee table, I watched as the smoke from my cigarette diffused into the air like clouds pluming and making their own little shapes. The red bandana on my right bicep indicating I’m chilling, so do not disturb me. I wore a cowboy belt holster around my waist with a pretend gun. The theme tonight… cowboys and cowgirls.  
The music echoed through the house forcing me to close my eyes and drift into the sound of the beat, sensing a great thrusting tune, imagining myself taking her from the rear, only right now, I needed a break.
I opened my eyes as I heard the sound of giggling and glanced in the direction of the female sounds to see a group of girls standing and waiting for the banner around my arm to disappear as a signal that I was ready to play again.
Holy fuck, who the hell is she?
My eyes captivated. Even in the dim lighting her body was promiscuous, hot and fucking sexy. She floated across the floor like a breath of fresh air, her long, dark, curly hair danced in the breeze from the fans that where blowing around the room to keep things cool. My eyes were soon drawn to her perfect tits spilling over a sexy cami, and then down to her stockings. She was sending my cock rock hard. She was breathless, and my dick was bouncing with the need to be inside that scrumptious, delightful little bell.
I dropped my feet to the ground, put out my cigarette, and quickly threw the last of my scotch to the back of my throat. In a hurry I put my trunks on, just to give me some modesty. The girls remained sniggering, but they were well out the equation now, no chance. I had to bag this woman before she was captured by another dude.
The seductive music carried on filling the rooms. The air cool, yet the aroma of hot glorious sex fused. Surrounded by sex, bodies all over the place enjoying the party, enjoying the freedom.
At the back of my mind guilt started to bubble. Yeah, I went behind Erin’s back for this tonight. But hell, he was away on business and wouldn’t ever know. And what he don’t know, won’t hurt him.
I made my way through the room, scooting past the piano and entered the dim lit sitting room. The bar was littered with naked people recovering and sneaking a quick drink before mooching of for more fun.
I glanced around searching the area for the dark, curly haired creature. My dick was out of control. She was here for a reason, and I was about to be it. She’d leave here tonight with a smile, totally satisfied.
I scanned everyone. Looking at all the beauties that were here, only my prize wasn’t as easy to find.
I kept wandering around, determined to find her. I made sure I didn’t trip over bodies as they fucked. Hell, I needed to find the beauty without delay.
The music pumped through my eardrums like a thunderous heartbeat. My cock was throbbing and intent on finding its next feed. I was a vulture, and hers was the flesh I wanted to feast upon.
I checked all over but for some reason the beauty had disappeared, then…I caught her sitting on a barstool at the end of the bar, crossing her legs. Fuck those pins were made for my hands to crawl up them.
Without hesitation I headed over slowly, not making it look too obvious that I was ready and willing to do whatever she wished. The barman poured me a drink when I sat at the empty bar stool, staring at her. Our eyes met like a force of energy. Magnetic, my body was being drawn in and delivered to her feet. Hell, I would drop to the floor for this woman.
The lighting was crap, but I could tell she was slender. Her tits were beautiful. I imagined my face buried in them. Fuck, I would name them if she asked me to.
With our eyes on one another, mesmerized, lost in her sensuality, I watched as she placed a cherry in her mouth, rolling her tongue over the fruit sending my cock bursting at the seams. Hell, this wasn’t the name of the game, it was meant to be the other way around. She had me, caught like a fish, and her hook was deep in my skin, pulling me towards her with those seductive, tormenting eyes. She licked the cherry then placed it tauntingly into her mouth as I watched her bite it. It popped, and I envisaged the juices bursting out and dripping down her throat.
She uncrossed her legs and like a trance I watched. What was happening to me? This woman had me, got me chained, cuffed and drooling like a frigging puppy for a treat.
She stepped down from the stool, and like a breeze she turned and walked away from me.
Yeah, she’s teasing me. Well lady, you have me…I’m on your tail.
I followed her out the room to see her curvaceous nude back thanks to the open- backed cami that was held together with just one tiny bow. She teasingly went towards the main corridor of the mansion. I was buzzing. My dick was hard and eager to get buried into her hot pussy.
Like a lapdog, I was behind her. She kept glancing over her shoulder, betting she was on fire and eager to ride me into midnight.
There was no doubting I had to have her.
In the corridor I had to make my move. I had to pull her into my arms. I rushed forward standing feet behind her when she spun around. Our eyes stared intensively at one another. She stole my breath.
I glanced down to look at the pretty lace geometric pattern with panels of lace, satin and eyelash applique. I couldn’t stop myself, before I had the chance to think, I pinned her against the wall with my right hand beside her left ear and my other touching her thigh. I breathed heavy on her face, moving my lips closer to hers. I inhaled her floral scent, my dick on fire, pressed firmly against her thigh. I breathed into her mouth, puckering my lips ready to indulge, take a taste. Kissing wasn’t something I did, but for her I’d make an exception.
The entire room had gone silent. All I could hear was the sound of my own heart beating, determined not to screw this us. I don’t do love, care, or slow motion. I’m a go in and get it and get the hell out…shit what was this woman doing to me?
I ached in places I forgot existed. I pressed my body harder against her. She licked her lips. I was eager to get that slippery serpent around my dick… but no…
I slipped down her body, forcing her to widen her thighs. Crouching before her I ran my fingers up her right leg to the tops of the stocking and in a slow arousing manner crept them up further, lifting the bottom of the cami to find her knickerless and clean shaven. Fuck, this was going to good.
I’d made my mind up, there was no way this pussy was going anywhere until I ravished it. I was about to worship and treat it like a diamond. I curled my tongue, ready to delve in and take a taste. I betted with myself that she was going to be the best dessert I’d ever had. My fingers slither along her sex lips. I glance up to see her head had fallen back onto the wall, mouth parted and eyes closed. This woman was not only superhot, but my dream.
I slid my digit along her swollen lips feeling her liquid pooling. I took hold of her left leg and lifted it up onto my knee, just so I could gaze at her pussy. Even in the dark lighting it glistened and sparkled with desire. Her body tensed. I poked my tongue out ready, longing to make the glorious connection. Tongue out with my finger tampering with her folds feeling her withering and squirming under my control, I flicked my tongue from the back to the front, indulging and tasting her sweetness.
I pushed my finger into her wet core, wow, she was dripping. I inserted another finger, she moaned. I pushed further into her, feeling her inner muscles tighten. Wow, I loved her dampness and reaction.
I licked and sucked the area, taking her sanity, enjoying the way her body curved, plunging my fingers harder and faster into her depths. I brushed my fingers over her clit, hearing her groan. Fuck, that was music to my ears.
There was nothing more to it, I had to have her and here wasn’t the place. I lowered her foot from my knee and rose to gaze at her lost in the moment.
“Princess,” I said softly, moving her hair away from her face. “Come with me.”
I laced my fingers with hers and led her to the drawing room which was out of bounds. I knew Erin would have my dick for being in there, but I needed privacy.
I found the key under the rug and opened the door, aware no one would be in here. This was me and her, no one else will have a taste of this precious pussy. I planned on relishing each and every morsel of her.
Without hesitation I pulled her inside and flicked on the lamps, eager to see this beauty.
Once she was inside I used my foot to slam the door closed.
I turned and smiled at her. “Have you had anyone else tonight?”
I smiled. I was going to be her first and hopefully her last. Tonight at least.
“Do you want names?” I asked.
I didn’t need to elaborate on that. Although personally I would have liked to have known hers. Just in case her name popped up at further parties.
I spun her around and led her to the French Louis chair where I indicated for her to sit down. She gave me the hungry eyes. I dropped instantly to my knees as she widened her thighs giving me a heart palpitating moment.
“Has anyone ever told you, you have a fucking hot pussy?”
“I have now,” she said, slamming her hand against her incredible mound.
“If I do anything you don’t like, tell me.” I said, gazing at her bare pussy.
“I don’t think you’ll have any worries there.”
I glanced up catching her cheekily smiling and raising her brows. She was going to kill me.
I ran my fingers along her smooth cleft and up to her clit. She jolted when I made contact with the tiny nub. In a motion I shuffled closer, eager to taste more of her dampness and relish. Tongue on her clit, fingers dipped inside her channel, I was ready. I licked from bottom to top followed by a hard succulent, tormenting, suck, longing to tease her to the brim as she wiggled deliriously. I sucked hard on her clit, taking it into my mouth. She cried out and dropped her ass over the edge of the chair.
With my fingers locked inside I wiggled them against her core. Her inner muscles clasped around my digits. I wanted so much with this woman. I wanted my cock deep inside her, hearing her crying out in excitement.
Eager to watch this beauty climax, I plunged my fingers in and out of her faster.
I craved to have her sweet mouth wrapped around my dick sucking me of, cleaning me of my pre-cum. I never expected the night to turn so frigging scorching.
My fingers rammed inside her while I munched and teased her clit, sucking hard. She shuffled her bottom from side to side and moaned sweetly.
I pulled away for air. “God you taste…”
She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face harder into her pussy, forcing me to keep devouring her. Hell, I wouldn’t stop even if someone was willing to pay millions.
I relished her honeycomb, wanting more, so much more. I craved for her to ride my dick, sink it deep into her hot pussy. She could ride me the night out.
Suddenly her thigh muscles contracted. I knew what was coming. I carried on torturing her clit, playing musical notes, playing our own little song. I fucked her nerve endings. My dick bulged, seeping at the tip.
“Oh princess,” I munched, flicking and circling knowing she was close, so close.
The door to the room swung open.
“Piero, Erin is here and flipping out man.” I heard Mark.
I pulled myself from the fruits and turned to see Mark, fretful at the door.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” I chanted.
I turned my attention back to the princess seeing her glistering pussy, so close and burning though my tease.
“No. He’s mega pissed off.”
I gazed into the dark haired beauties eyes, fuming that I hadn’t brought her to ecstasy. I tightened my fists not appreciating the interruption at all.
“Close the door and pretend you cannot find me.”
Mark stepped back out the room. “Shit Piero, he is here.”
“Where is the prick?”
Crap I was in for it.
I gave the princess a corner smile when she slammed her legs shut and sat up.
“Piero, where the fuck is he…” the door blasted open and there in the doorway was Erin, with a face like thunder.
“Erin,” I said surprised.
“Don’t give me fucking Erin…get the girl out,” he commanded Mark.
Mark came towards her as she rose and we gazed into one another’s eyes. Her disappointment was very apparent.
“Can she not stay?” I gave a plea to Erin.
“No she cannot, get her out of here, now!”
“Visit again.” I called out after her.
“No, she frigging well will not, and neither will any of the others. Get her out of here,” Erin shouted at Mark.
I wiped my mouth of the woman’s juices tasting her on my fingers eager to follow that sexy ass and give her a night to remember, only, that wasn’t possible now. By the time Erin had finished with me the place would be clear and I’d be left wishing I’d approached the night differently.
Mark came and got the curly, delicious woman, as she held her head down covering her face with her hand, possibly ashamed to have been caught in such an intimate position. I watched her leave the room. Out of my sights and out of my fucking life. My heart sunk into the pit of my stomach. I had to give chase, get her back. I rushed to the door but Erin grabbed my arm.
“Don’t think about it.”
Erin gave me the scowl.
“No, Piero…I warned you.”
I attempted to pull my arm from him only to fight this man was not an option, he held the cards.
“Me and you are having serous fucking words. This place had better not have a thing out of place or so help you…I will come down on you like a tonne of bricks,” Erin said, pointing his finger in my direction. “And stop thinking of your dick…and get rid of that thing, you look desperate.” Erin said, referring to my erection. He turned and left the room.
“Come on Erin…just her…please…”
“Why, why her, isn’t she the same as the others you’ve screwed?”
I glared deep into his eyes. He had a fair point, only this woman…she drowned me in something new. She was like the frigging scent that I had been searching for, the combination of deep fusions weaved together in soul.  
Erin released me and without hesitation I gave chase. I ran down the corridor to the main front door as guests were being cleared out, some still getting dressed and others were lathered in oil and potions.
Out the front door I ran through the pouring rain. I jumped most of the steps and headed into the car park to try and find her, but the lighting was crap, the rain obscured my vision, and I had no idea what car I was even looking for. She was gone.

I stood still, allowing the water to cascade over me, regretting Erin arriving back when he did. 

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